Balmuri & Edmuri Water Falls - Mysore

Balmuri and Edmuri is on the way to Mysore, it is one of the most popular water falls near Mysore. The best part of Balmuri and Edmuri falls is you have enough place around to play in the water and get under the little falls too, its not exactly falls you will get an idea when you have a look at the photo.

Its a nice weekend getaway, but I won't really suggest you guys to go to Balmuri, it is too crowded and they have spoilt it up completely in recent times, its no more a falls, so dont even think of going there.
When you reach Balmuri take a left turn and you will reach Edmuri. People say its very dangerous but I didnt find it risky. There are two good things about Edmuri when compared to Balmuri. 1. less crowded and 2. Its very much like old Balmuri before they screwed it up by narowing the flow of water, so people can play around.

So go take a long walk on the edge of the mini falls, if you want to have more fun get under the falls, its an amazing experience, take a look at the snap it was great fun.


Karthik said...

very nice pale.. iv got a few good snaps of this palce .. it was totally empty. which made the falls look even more beautiful :)

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chinke27 said...

Balmuri Falls is a great place to spend the weekend with friends and family but be careful near the bridge where you get down into the Balmuri Falls as it has a strong under current and many people have been swept away because so always go in a group when you are entering Balmuri Falls.
Nowadays Balmuri Falls has become too chaotic and there is lot of crowd so it is too noisy. You can try the Yedmuri Falls which also near by and more secluded spot because there is not much crowd over there because the approach road is extremely pathetic for this place but great place to enjoy the water as the depth isn't much and you can actually walk across it without the fear of being swept away by the river. This place is a better if you are not into too much crowd visibility in picnic spots with you family.

Ambica Reddy said...
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Ambica Reddy said...

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